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      Sinwu is a coastal township at the southeast side of Taoyuan County. Along the county roads to Sinwu are the green waves of rice fields. The farmers are cultivating diligently in the fields. compared with the modern urban life, Sinwu is still preserving the precious scene of rural village. In fact, it is one of the biggest agriculture township in Taiwan, and rice production is even the important supplying source of the whole nation.
       In addition, it also gives every effort to create the golden coast and develop leisure fishery tourism.
       Sinwu Township has a population around 50,000 people and 90% of them are Hakka people. The spirit of industry and thrift in running one's home remains unshakable and becomes even firmer as time goes by. In order to preserve traditional Hakka culture and enhance Hakka tradition and construct a living environment that is rich Hakka culture. It is important to prepare for the establishment of Hakka culture park and design a scenery environment including in the exclusive warehouses of the agriculture association, Fan-Jiang old house and streets, and the ponds and waterways.
      Sinwu Township has prosperous agriculture and fishery, a true land of abundance. Its beautiful natural environment, delightful coastal scenery, genuine agriculture and fishery products and abundant Hakka culture all attract visitors to linger in Sinwu with no thoughts of leaving.
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