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      Located in the most western end of north Taiwan, just southwest of Taoyuan County, Sinwu Township as jurisdiction center is situated in the northwest of Dongming Village and next to Chihlan Village, about 121°04'03" E and 24°58'41" N. Sinwu Township faces Taiwan Strait on the west, borders Jhongli City and Pingjhen City on the east, connects Guanyin Township in the north, and neighbors on Yangmei Township and Hsinchu County’s Hukou Township, and Sinfong Township in the south.
      From east to west measuring 18.5301 km long, from south to north measuring 9.1913 km wide, Sinwu Township is an administrative area of 85.0166 sq km(s). It accounts for 6.96% of Taoyuan County’s total area with 1,220.9540 sq km(s). If rate the size of area, Sinwu Township is the sixth, following Fuhsing Township (350.7775 sq km), Dasi Township (105.1206 sq km), Yangmei Township (89.1229 sq km), Guanyin Township (87.9807 sq km), and Dayuan Township (87.3925 sq km).
      The administrative districts of Sinwu Township includes thirteen villages: Sinwu, Sinsheng, Houhu, Chingha, Shihlei, Dongming, Shezih, Puding, Jioudou, Toujhou, Dapo, Wangjian, Houjhuang, Ejian, Shenzun, Kanglang, Bengang, Yong-an, Yongshing, Siapu, Shihpai, Siatian, and Chihlan. Township Office is located in Sinwu Village, a pivot of transportations connecting Jhongli City, Pingjhen City, Yangmei Township, and the coastal villages in the west of Sinwu Township.
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